In this episode, Cali and Will delve into Productive Failure. We all know that failure can be productive. Countless self-help articles have told us that failure is an opportunity to learn. After all, the greatest innovators have all routinely experienced colossal failure. Failure is how innovators find their success! But, let’s face it. At some level, we still dread failure. In fact, we loathe it. We believe that failure is not acceptable — at least not when it happens to us. We can and do acknowledge that failure is a good thing when it happens to our favorite movie character or inventor. We watch them learn from their struggles and become stronger. But still, we fear failure in our own life. We go to extreme lengths to avoid situations where we will not always come out on top. We let it control us. If failure does happen, we give it power over our emotions. Why? In this episode, learn why some of us have the belief that it’s okay for others to fail but not us. Learn how to let go of the shame associated with failure and truly see it for what it is — an opportunity for growth. Cali and Will also share how Mindset Tools can help with this process.

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Episode 11