#13 How to Use Fun for Creativity

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Welcome back to Season 2 of A Little Bit of Chill. In this season, we will be doing things a bit differently. 

We’ve come up with a new format that we believe you will love! With the new format, we will incorporate three different types of shows into the season. The three different types of shows include: 

  • A Chill Lifestyle Chill. With these shows, we will teach you how to bring more Chill into your everyday life. How do we do this? By incorporating the tools that you use into your everyday life. 
  • Practical Chill. With Practical Chills, you will learn how to take the tools that you learn and apply them to situations in your everyday life. 
  • Chill Mindset Tools. These types of shows will provide you with a new tool that you can use in your own life. You will learn how to modify the tool so that it fits your life! 

Let us know how you love the new format. We want to hear from you! As always, don’t forget to subscribe. 

How to Use Fun For Creativity 

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to be creative? Why is that? Will and Cali explain how our ability to be creative is directly linked to FUN! 

For kids, fun —and creativity comes naturally. But, as we get older, we put expectations on ourselves that make it hard to have fun. We expect perfection in the activities that we used to find fun. The problem is that this stifles your ability to be creative. The things that you once enjoyed are no longer fun. 

However, Having fun is directly related to our ability to create. You have to regain that sense of fun to light your creativity. How can you do that? In this episode, Will & Cali will teach you how to regain a sense of fun and wonder about the world.

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