#14 Free Yourself From Being Stuck

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Have you ever felt stuck? You know the feeling when you’re suddenly bored or unmotivated with your job, a relationship, a hobby you once loved, or just in life in general? In this episode, Cali and Will break down the ruts we all experience and encourage us to take our first step forward.

Sometimes we outgrow certain things in our lives. We outgrow information that previously worked for us, and we start seeing things we were once driven by and excited by as somewhat of a chore or a job. The thing is, this is a completely natural part of the human experience. 

Feeling stuck can make you feel helpless at times, but when you know the tools to get yourself out of these situations, then you’ll learn how to get your groove back. On this practical episode of A Little Bit of Chill, Cali and Will teach us how to become, well, unstuck!

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Episode 14