#16 : Untangling the Web Of Self-Doubt

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Let’s talk about self-doubt. Self-doubt can have such a strong presence in our lives without us even realizing. Whether our self-doubt is a feeling, a thought process, or an automatic program we run on, we’re pretty sure nothing good really comes out of self-doubt, so why does it become such a natural voice.. almost comforting? That new job promotion “I dont think I’m qualified enough,” or that girl you want to ask on a date “I’m out of her league!” Maybe it’s kind of comfortable to limit the expectations we have of ourselves, at least that way we can avoid any potential disappointment right? But what about excitement, optimism and… potential?

In this Practical Chill chat, Cali and Will sit down together to untangle the web of self-doubt that we unconsciously weave for ourselves. While some degree of self-doubt is normal (I mean we can’t possibly think we know everything about everything!) The real problem arises when self-doubt subconsciously creeps in and takes over until we think persistent negative self-doubt is normal, and in some ways even ‘comforting!’

Tune in to hear what helpful tips and tricks to use to identify our own self-doubting voices and flip them on their head! When we untangle them one by one from our subconscious, we ultimately lead our lives from a place of excitement and optimism, rather than fear and self-sabotage.

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Episode 16