#18 Mindset Class: Use Distance for Clarity & Control Of Your Mindset

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This episode contains one of the most important lessons we can share with our Chill Fam –  “How to develop perspective and regain control of our mindset”.

You see, if we don’t have perspective in life, it will make or break our ability to see things clearly!  Instead, we may as well be strapped to the front of a car flying 70 miles per hour down the freeway, reacting in the moment to every little thing flying at our faces, bugs and all!!!

This super important tool is dedicated to teaching you how to look at things from a distance, to put time and space between our thoughts and feelings, so we can learn to peel ourselves off the front of that fast and furious car and back behind the windshield of perspective!

So hang around to learn how we can get a little distance – while gaining a little clarity and control in life.

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Episode 18