#19 Practical Chill Chat: How to Go From Never Enough to Always Enough

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OK Chill Fam, now that we are in the swing of season 2 it’s time to take a little peek behind the curtain and explore how we view our own self worth! Yup, elephant in the room step to the side please because this Practical Chill Chat addresses why we need to stop thinking that we aren’t good enough… smart enough… pretty enough. Quite frankly… it’s here to stomp out whatever self deprecating feelings weighing you down on the regular!

Look, we know it’s hard to break that cycle of ‘not feeling good enough’. Trust us though and take a little listen to how we handle these negative vibes… because putting in the work to change your mindset has to be wayyyy better than those sucky feelings of unworthiness that sit at the pit of your tummy.

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Episode 19