#20 A Chill Lifestyle: Bustin’ Down Meditation Myths

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It’s about time we got down to some myth bustin’ on Chill and what better topic than the biggie that is…meditation. Over at Chill, our main pet peeve is the myth that you have to practice meditation a perfect way or it won’t “work.” WRONG! Pretty sure most of us have heard some (or all of these!) things about the ‘perfect’ mediation before… “sit completely still for 45 mins,” “don’t let your mind wander,” “you can’t move an inch,” etc.. etc.. Nope, no way, not us… and it most definitely doesn’t have to apply to you either. In this Chill Lifestyle episode we are hard core breaking down some of these myths and giving insight on how simple, personal and effective meditation can be for every single one of us, no matter how you practice it.

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