#21 Chill Mindset Class: Setting Mental Boundaries

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Sometimes the hardest thing to do is actually the thing we need to do the most! Especially when it comes to setting boundaries around something or… someone! Whether you’re worrying about hurting someone’s feelings or fear the uncertainty a new boundary might create in your life, chances are if things are getting noisy for you, you feel some emotional and mental distress around the situation, that feedback is telling you a disconnect is most definitely needed! But…easier said than done right? That’s why this Chill Mindset Class is dedicated to helping you create the mental (and sometimes physical) boundaries needed to take a step back from all the noise and let your body go through life in this state of chill. A place where you can be empathetic to what you or other people in your life are going through, but not let it steal your energy and wellbeing.

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Episode 21