#22 A Chill Lifestyle: Uplevel Your Communication Skillss

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Woowzers, it’s true what they say Fam, “communication is key”! If we communicate from a place that’s all angry or judgey we risk shutting down the other person completely, never coming out the other side of the situation. The truth is, we only win in the communication game when we are able to hear and receive our thoughts and the thoughts of the other person. It’s the only way to move forward, to encourage change and figure things out.

Fam, we are here to tell you that this week’s episode of Chill Lifestyle is all about exactly this – how to uplevel your communication skills! We are about as direct as it gets when it comes to the importance of coming from a place of neutrality when we communicate with others. So let’s stop throwing punches and trying to be right all the time, and find a little more compassion, happiness and resolve in our lives.

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Episode 22