#23 Practical Chill Chat: How To Find Your Chill With Money $$!

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Tune in as resident co-host Will argues there is NO CHILL IN MONEY! Nope. Not one iota. For Will, money creates this constant “WooHoo Money Freakout Cycle” that he just can’t break free from…. but Cali on the other hand, while she knows money can be a serious topic, also knows we can all work to find some Chill on the topic. Especially if we can learn to create some separation and perspective on the baggage we may be carrying around the money in our lives!

So roll up on this Practical Chill episode on how to do just that! Listen in for tips and tools to practice that will help to neutralize those “oh so juicy” financial ups and downs that we’ve all experienced at one time or another, and get ready to rethink the relationship we have with money in our lives.

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Episode 23