#24 Pressing Play After The Great Pause

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This is the last podcast in Season 2 Fam and what a wake-up call it is! As much as we don’t want to bring up the sh*t show that was 2020 again, it did show us a lot… and if we were lucky enough to come out of it on another side, we have a second shot at living the life we really want to live.

So the last episode in this season is dedicated with as much gusto and positivity to show us how to make the absolute most of everything coming out of ‘the great pause’. Not forgetting that as we go to press play – we are fully in control of how we dial up all the positive things we want to continue, start all the new things we’ve put off (and most importantly!) stop the same old things in our lives that we REALLY don’t really wanna do anymore!

Leaving this season with a positive mission for us all to live by just makes us feel so great. See ya on the other side of the pause button Fam.

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Episode 24