#25 Practical Chill Chat: How To Go From Feeling Alone to Feeling Connected

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In this juicy premiere episode of Season 3, Cali and Will quickly bring some levity and light to what is usually a scary topic for most of us… what to do when we feel lonely, isolated, and disconnected from life!

In usual Cali and Will fashion, through funny anecdotal experiences, they share how you can re-empower yourself and avoid disenfranchisement from life with tons of practical tips on how to go from ‘feeling alone’ to ‘feeling connected’ again.

This super Chill Chat is not to be missed, especially since we are all coming out of physical isolation and the world seems a little like it’s gone into full force freefall!?! There is A LOT going on out there peeps!

Sooooo….what better way to avoid loneliness and disenfranchisement in the future by learning how to transform those negative feelings into positive action by first exploring ‘why’ we feel alone, learning how to connect and engage again, and then finding ways to contribute so we can feel connected and overall…. well… less lonely! All while making the world a better place to live in for all of us! And honestly, Cali and Will will leave you feeling less lonely just by giving this one a little listen.

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