#26 Practical Chill Chat: Getting Chill About Paying Bills

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Does the very idea of having to pay those dreaded bills for the rest of your darn life fill you with a whole bunch of anxiety? Well, you’re not alone… just talk to our very own Will?!

In this Practical Chill Chat episode, in between the nervous giggles from Will, Cali gets straight to the point with some super useful tips and tricks on how to empower yourself when it comes to your finances!

The fun and quirkiness of this episode won’t deter you from the great advice and mindset training that can be done by any of us to overcome those triggers and patterns surrounding the misery of paying bills! By “bill paying” we mean ANY time we have to think about finances – health insurance payments or plans, savings or investments, financial support of family and friends – you name it, most of us have some stress from it.

So listen to this one and bookmark it, because we are all gonna be paying bills for a long time to come, so we better hope we can find A Little Bit of Chill in it!

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Episode 26