#30 Fiona Frills Finds Her Chill

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This episode is INSPIRING! We were lucky enough to have YouTube star, and badass businesswoman Fiona Frills, on the show! Although Fiona is uber-successful now (her makeup line is in 400+ Walmart stores nationwide and she has a FIRE YT channel with over a million subscribers!) she had to overcome some serious *ish to get there, from bullying, learning disabilities, finding out she was legally blind and all sorts of other setbacks in her short 18 years on this planet!

We love this episode because Fiona really embodies this idea of being able to find her CHILL despite all her struggles. No matter what she always kept going and advocating for her dreams. Hopefully, this inspires y’all to keep working at becoming the best version of yourselves, we know it inspired us! Chase your dreams despite the odds, you got this, we believe in you too Chill Fam 🙂

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Episode 30